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Jeffrey M. Hausman

Mr. Hausman specializes in the areas of employment law and suretyship. He has personally conducted numerous trials, including high profile jury trials. He has successfully defended many employment discrimination cases.

Email: jhausman@hausmansosa.com

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Carlos E. Sosa * Retired Profile Image

Carlos E. Sosa * Retired

Mr. Sosa has extensive and diversified experience in the areas of legal malpractice defense, real estate and suretyship. He advises insurance companies and sureties, as well as developers and contractors.


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Larry D. Stratton Profile Image

Larry D. Stratton

Mr. Stratton has been an invaluable associate of the firm since 1989. He currently specializes in employment law and general business litigation, and lends considerable experience to the firm’s appellate practice.

Email: lstratton@hausmansosa.com

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Vincent McGowan Profile Image

Vincent McGowan

Mr. McGowan joined the firm in 1999 after several years of practice as a civil litigator. He has extensive experience in personal injury litigation including medical malpractice.

Email: vmcgowan@hausmansosa.com

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Lisa Grigg

Ms. Grigg was admitted to the California Bar in 1999 and has almost a decade of experience in labor and employment law, she has experience in negotiating MOU contracts.

Email: lgrigg@hausmansosa.com

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Barbara D’Abusco Profile Image

Barbara D’Abusco

Ms. D’Abusco has 30+ years of Law Enforcement experience as a sworn member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Email: BDAbusco@hausmansosa.com

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Ani Kasparian Barsamian Profile Image

Ani Kasparian Barsamian

Ms. Barsamian was admitted to the California Bar in 2017. Prior to being admitted to the Bar, she was involved for over 10 years with the structured settlement industry.

Email: abarsamian@hausmansosa.com

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Talin M. Gregorian Profile Image

Talin M. Gregorian

Ms. Gregorian was admitted to the California Bar in 2009 with a wide range of experience in different practice areas including employment law, real estate and mortgage litigation, banking and lien prioritization, and contract and insurance litigation. Ms. Gregorian received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles in … Read more

Email: tgregorian@hausmansosa.com

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